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Team 1Bike1
Snowdonia Enduro 2009
Team 1Bike1

We now have a racing team, Team 1Bike1, with Lottie Cooper as our first rider.

In March Lottie got in touch with a pretty impressive racing CV. After being impressed with what she had achieved so far and reading about her passion for mountain biking we decided to team up with Kona Grassroots to sponsor her with a nice new Kona Kula Deluxe and some riding gear.

Below you will be able to find out a bit more about Lottie and read her race reports.

All the best Lottie, feel the burn!

Jonathan & Debbie.

Rider: Lottie Cooper

Age: 12

Team: 1Bike1 Kona Grassroots

Ride Discipline: MTB XC

Why do you ride?
I love it! (most of the time!) I feel really free on my bike - like I can go on forever sometimes.

Favourite riding spots and courses?
Llandegla red and black runs are good (down hill bits are the best) - I like the more technical difficult bits of the tracks - I quite like it when it's muddy because that makes it fun and tests your ability. Where I live is really nice - straight out into the hills and it's not manmade. Coed Y Brenin is cool - quite technical and rocky.

Advice to Beginners?
Have fun – that’s what counts and makes you do it again. That doesn’t mean it can’t be hard and frustrating sometimes – if you really care about doing well then you are going to feel bad sometimes.

For further information about Kona Grassroots
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There are currently no Kona Grassroots riders from the UK included on Kona's Grassroots page.

Lottie's Race Reports for November 2009

Event -  Race 2 North West Wales Series
Date - 14th November 2009
Venue - Nant BH OEC
"It lashed down in the days before the race so we switched venues to race the skills course at Nant BH. The course consisted of a sprint start on a smooth uphill fire road track onto a slate accent with switch backs. The best part was the downhill with step downs and a short board walk section. 1st place with a good lead from the start (my best start this season). And I'm picking off the boys!

Event -  Race 1 North West Wales Series
Date - 8th November 2009
Venue - Coed y Brenin
"A new series, a new determination! An uphill start took me to the top of the descent which consisted of a number of bermed switchbacks and rollers. It was then a muddy climb through the trees and slippy technical descent. The race was 4 laps and I led from the start. I increased my lead each lap and felt strong throughout. I walked the course and chose my line looking for areas where I could save time. It paid off when I nipped in front of the boy in front. I was pleased with my performance and feel confident about round 2. I have set my sights on beating the boys in my category (not chasing them!)."

Lottie's Fourth Race Report

Event - Go Ride North Wales Series
Date - 10th October 2009
Venue - Bryn Gwyn Farm

Race 1 out of two short series I am doing over the next couple of months. Location: Bryn Gwyn Farm. This is also my first race in the Juvenile Category because I am now 12! I'm happy to have moved up because the races will be longer and it will be good preparation for next year. The course was 3 laps with an initial climb on sheep tracks and mud which was pretty hard going, but the descent was worth it! There was one nice drop and a tight corner into a rocky little chute which suited me! I think I am more focused - something I'm working on ... it paid off and it was good to have a win in the first race. The next two are at Llandegla - I'll let you know how I get on! PS Photos to follow

Lottie's Third Race Report

Event - Dragon XC Series Round 4
Date - 15th August 2009
Venue - Llandegla, North Wales

This course consisted of 3 laps of a physically tough course. I had a very good start, I was first around the first corner and I led out of the boys and the girls for most of the first lap. We had to ride up a berm and the wrong way around the track until we came to a part of the red section which was quite technical. I was leading in my category for the whole race until the final lap where I was passed. This was the last race of Dragon Series and I have been placed second overall in the series.

Roll on the Winter Series and of course the Snowdonia Enduro!
Bye for now :)

Lottie's Second Race Report

Event - Dragon XC Series Round 3
Date - 4 July 2009
Venue - Pontypool, South Wales

I enjoyed this course ... there was a hill to climb at the start (isn't there always!) ... it wasn't as long as the previous race but was more technical. The downhill section was single track with no opportunities for getting past other riders with a wide turn at the bottom. Then it was a flat grass section which was wide but energy sapping (it was slippery and looked easier than it was!) It was 4 laps in total and I came in third.

I'm looking forward to getting back on home turf next month when the Dragon returns to Llandegla! In fact, I'm looking forward to the rest of the month and August as I have four races to compete in. Till next time .....Lottie : )

Lottie's First Race Report

Event - Dragon XC Series Round 2

Date - 3 May 2009

Venue - Rhondda

Having completed in round 1 at Llandegla, round 2 gave me a different set of challenges. It was the first outing sponsored by my team - "1bike1 Kona Grassroots" and also the first time on my new race bike. The course was far more technical and more testing than round 1 of the series with a long climb to the highest point of the course and then down hill. The downhill sections were made up of a single track descent including a steep rocky section and then a fire road section to finish.

I think I need to improve on my uphill work as this course made it extremely difficult to pass on the down hill section (my strongest point). I need to practice getting passed people on narrow tracks to prevent me getting stuck behind those that are faster on the uphill climbs but slower on the descents.

I am currently second after competing in round 2 of the dragon series.

Bye for now!

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